Payment Plans

Can't afford a big payment in one go?

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A website done properly is a very sizable investment, and often if you're a new business you'll have trouble affording it in one go, that is where our Payment Plans come in!


If the final price of your project is over £200 you can arrange to pay for your project over a period of time, up to two years.


You will have to pay additional interest on the total amount of your project, the interest rate is dependent on the amount of time the payment plan is spread over


Payment Rates



The interest is calculated from the cost of the Web Design or Development project after the deposit. The 10% deposit is calculated from the total cost WITHOUT interest, and then taken from the total cost, and then interest is applied.


For example, a £1,000 spread over 24 months at 6.0% interest will give a total payable amount of £1,054.00, minus the 10% deposit (before interest) of £100 makes £954.00 to be paid over 24 months, at £39.75 per month.


Late Payments


Late Payments Rates are set at an accumulative rate of 50% of the main rate, and will charge for a maximum of seven (7) days, if the payment still isn't paid your website will be suspended.



Using our £1000 over 24 months example above, if the customer misses their 13th payment (At which point there will be £477.00 still owed), they will be charged an additional 3% interest of the total owed, per day on top of their normal monthly payment, so the first late day will be £14.31 extra (Totaling £54.06 for that months payment), if payment isn't made the second late day another 3% will be added, £14.71, making £68.77 payable for that month, and so on for a maximum of seven (7) days. If payment isn't made then the website will be suspended.


If you choose to pay for your project using a payment plan, you will have to sign a contract with all the payment details, dates and interest rates.


You can find full Terms and Conditions for our Payment Plans here.