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Logo Design in Rotherham and Crewe


A logo is the most important part of any business, and a good logo is even more important, every business, whether small or huge, needs a good logo to set it apart from the competition.


A logo needs to be rememberable, think of McDonalds Golden Arches, or Nike's distinctive swish Logo, when you see that you instantly know what the logo represents, our team can help you by creating the perfect logo.


A good logo also needs to work in both solid black and solid white, because you never know which format you need, we'll create your logo to work well in full colour, and solid colour.


Let us know your business goals, any rough ideas you may have had and choice of colours and we'll come up several rough designs which you can pick your favourite from, and we'll then further develop and tweak your chosen logo to get it perfect for you and your business.


When finished we can provide your Logo in a number of formats, including high resolution .JPG and .PNG, plus Adobe Illustrator .AI, and .SVG Vector formats.



How does it work?


Step 1 - First Contact

The first step is always done by you, get in touch, and we'll arrange a face to face meeting to get the party started.

Step 2 - Meeting

We'll come and meet you face to face to discuss your plans and requirements.

Step 3 - Quotation

We'll work out all the details and provide you with the final project quotation and a project plan.

Step 4 - Logo Concepts

We'll create a number of rough designs sticking to your specifications, and submit them for your approval.

Step 5 - Design

We'll continue to work on and refine your chosen logo until its perfect, and we'll keep you full informed in the process.

Step 6 - Approval

Once you're happy with the design we'll send you your finished logo in a number of formats for you to use as you wish.



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