Email Design

Something that often gets overlooked...

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Rotherham and Crewe Email Designers


Does your business need a fancy email campaign?


Email design is often something that gets overlooked by a lot of Web Design agencies, but not us, there are a lot of strict guidelines when creating marketing emails, and we know them all.


Contrary to popular belief, creating HTML emails is completely different to creating Websites, but luckily, our team of experts know just what they're doing, and we can create the perfect marketing email just for you, and if needed, we can even send it out to your mailing list too!



How does it work?


Step 1 - First Contact

The first step is always done by you, get in touch, and we'll arrange a face to face meeting to get the party started.

Step 2 - Meeting and Sketches

We'll arrange to meet you face to face to discuss your plans and requirements, and create some preliminary paper sketches.

Step 3 - Quotation

Once our preliminary paper sketches have been approved we'll send you the final project quotation and a project plan.

Step 4 - Concept Art

We'll produce high quality concept art showing you exactly how your email will look when finished.

Step 5 - Deposit

When the concept art has been approved we'll ask for a small 10% deposit before we build your email.

Step 6 - Build

After we've received you're deposit we'll build your email to our high standards in line with the project plan.

Step 7 - Review

After the build we carefully review your website to check we met all our targets, and we'll run it through email testing software.

Step 8 - Send

Once the email is finished and approved we can send it on to you, or if needed, we can send it out to your mailing list ourselves!


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