What are the benefits of you building my website?

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What are the benefits of you building my website?

Some of the questions we get asked most by potential clients are "why should I get my website from you?" or "what can you offer me that others can't" or even "what else do I get apart from the website?", so we thought we'd write a little blog with the answers we always give.


The main thing we offer our customers is obviously a top of the range fully customised website, a lot of other web design agencies up and down the country actually only resell ready built templates and just slightly customising them for their clients' needs, or building websites on top of ready-made Content Management Systems which could lead your website open to security vulnerabilities. This type of customizing could also have a lot of ‘bloating' using these methods, which means there could be a lot of code and functionality behind your website that isn't actually been used, but will be slowing your website down significantly.


All of our websites are custom built from scratch, using all of our own custom coding, and all of our designs are hand created from scratch, first using a simple pen and paper, before recreating the design digitally to give you a full representation of what your website will look like when finished.


When creating our websites we build them with a variety of devices in mind, and we make sure your website works perfectly on every single device, from a variety of phones, tablets, and even laptops and desktops. We also create our websites with search engines in mind, and use a variety of techniques to make sure your website is search engine friendly and perform a number of SEO audits during the development process to try and achieve the highest rank possible.


Since all of our websites are custom built for you it means that we're in total control of everything, if something breaks, or if something goes wrong, we don't have to look through endless lines of code that we didn't write, which means we'll be able to fix it quicker. All of our websites are also hosted on our own UK server, located in Reading, Berkshire, so if something goes wrong server side, we'll instantly be able to log on and fix it without worrying about different timezones.


For a small extra charge we can also offer our customers the ability to update their website themselves by using our GFI Control Panel, each page contains one or more editable regions, where content and titles, amongst other things can easily be edited and published to the live website.


GFI Customer Portal

All of our customers also get access to our new Customer Portal where they can view detailed information on their services, plus view their websites analytics, such as detailed information on the number of visitors they are getting, where they are coming from, what pages they are visiting, and much more.


For larger projects, or projects that require a lot of updating we also offer a variety of Web Maintenance packages, which could save you a lot of money. Also under our Web Maintenance packages we could manage your social media presence if required.


We can also register and manage your websites domain name for you for a small yearly fee, meaning you won't have to worry about anything technical.


If you're concerned about paying for your website in one lump sum we can also offer payment plans for websites over £200, making it even easier for you to be able to get your new website.


Not only do we offer websites, we can also design and produce a variety of printed media, such as business cards, leaflets, posters, and more, meaning we can help your business with any form of advertising that might be required.


So what can we offer you that others can't, and what do you get apart from the website? Well we can give your business a lot more than just a standard website. You get a 100% custom built website, that you can manage yourself, completely customised to your needs, with nothing unnecessary hidden in the background. Along with that you get a fully 100% UK based service who you can contact anytime with any problems. Plus on top of that you can get a variety of printed media to grow your business further. So what are you waiting for, get in touch today to see how we can help your business!


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